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Gravework Media - Album catalogue
GRW001 My Own Grave - Unholy MCD
GRW002 My Own Grave - Necrology CD
GRW003 My Own Grave - Unleash (Extended & Remastered) MCD
GRW004 Gluttony - Coffinborn MCD
GRW005 Gluttony - Beyond the Veil of Flesh MCD
GRW006 Sorghegard - Holocaust of the Holy CD
GRW007 Gluttony - Eaten Alive 7" EP
GRW008 My Own Grave - Legacy DVD
GRW009 Gluttony - Cult of the Unborn CD
GRW010 Gluttony - Cult of the Unborn 12" LP
GRW011 Gluttony - Drogulus CD
Gravework Media - Tours
Fleshless + Gluttony European Tour - 18th to 31st of August 2024
Gluttony + Drp European Tour - 1st to 16th of September 2023
Gravework Media - Venues and festivals for extreme metal in Europe
We try to keep an updated list of active venues and festivals in Europe dedicated to extreme metal such as Death Metal, Black Metal and Grindcore.
You can check out the full list here and if you want to contribute to the list or have feedback about it, just reach out to info [at] gravework [dot] se.
Gravework Media - Contact us
If you are interested in releasing your extreme metal album digitally or on vinyl, get in touch here:

info [at] gravework [dot] se