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Gravework Media - Current label catalogue
GRW001 My Own Grave - Unholy MCD
GRW002 My Own Grave - Necrology CD
GRW003 My Own Grave - Unleash (Extended & Remastered) MCD
GRW004 Gluttony - Coffinborn MCD
GRW005 Gluttony - Beyond the Veil of Flesh MCD
GRW006 Sorghegard - Holocaust of the Holy CD
GRW007 Gluttony - Eaten Alive 7" EP
GRW008 My Own Grave - Legacy DVD
GRW009 Gluttony - Cult of the Unborn CD
GRW010 Gluttony - Cult of the Unborn 12" LP
GRW011 Gluttony - Drogulus CD
Gravework Media - Upcoming tours
Gluttony + Drp European Tour 1st to 16th of September 2023
Gravework Media - Contact us
If you are interested in releasing your extreme metal album digitally or on vinyl, get in touch here:

info [at] gravework [dot] se